flag and eagle

The voters in the 50 States of America have been made to believe that the election process is difficult and cumbersome ~ NOT SO!!!!

Well, one could agree, if one listened to the rhetoric of the countless news media sources, that it is incumbent to the average voter that they need to become followers of their ‘clarifications’ of the candidate’s position on various topics. One could even be persuaded that each party’s wordiness of their respective platforms is confusing at best, if not contradictory to their own statements, adds to the perception that the voting process is frustrating!

BUT….., in actuality there is only ONE platform of any consequence and importance, and it just happens to be – GOD’s platform!

God says in His Word, the Bible: You are either ‘for’ Me or ‘against’ Me! PERIOD!

So, it is actually very simple and easy to participate in the election process and making the decision as to who to vote for, from the President, the Senators and Congressmen to the local Candidates!

Check out their voting record along with their election promises and declarations and see how they line-up with God’s laws and your convictions!

In this election for instance, check out their stand on child sacrifice (abortion) and same sex marriages. God forbids BOTH! If he or she has respect for God and His laws then the candidate is worthy of your vote! Yes, other problems exist in our country that are in dire need of finding fast and acceptable solutions, but if we have a God fearing President, God will give him the wisdom to solve them.

If ALL the voters who claim to be Christians, would vote in a way that honors God, we are assured by God Himself that we will live in a ‘peaceful land’. It is up to each voter to encourage other Americans, especially American Christians, to participate in the voting process in order to keep the ‘launching pad’ for the Gospel – America – protected by the 1st Amendment!