What are our children being taught?


I’m wondering if you have heard about the “Splash” program being introduced in your child’s elementary school (or will be shortly)??? You can probably go online and get more details than I can give you here (if not contact me). It is being pitched to schools by some eager school administrator hoping to make a name for themselves and it is supposed to be voluntary and free! In short: the programs promotes teaching your (very) little ones 1/2 day in English and then switch to teaching the other time that they are at school in either Spanish or Chinese!!!! On this coming Monday the Cabarrus County, NC will (more than likely) vote for putting the program into schools!!!From personal and professional experience IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! It is just another way to dumb American children down!!!!
YEARS ago Duke University had to introduce basic english classes for the students who wanted to major in Journalism – because they arrived not knowing grammar or usage of the English language!!!! American children cannot carry on a conversation in their mother language, why rob and distract them by burdening them down with some that is useless to them???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARENTS INVESTIGATE YOUR SCHOOLS AND THEIR CURRICULUM, EVEN THE TEACHERS AND THEIR AGENDAS – MANY ARE WOLVES IN TEACHER’S CLOTHES AND DO NOT SHARE YOUR VALUES!