Dr. Oddy Crist, Historical Events Analyst & Lecturer,  Kannapolis, North Carolina
By sharing my family’s existence, experiences and my growing up years under Hitler’s deceitful and evil dictatorship, I hope to encourage Americans and especially American Christians to become involved in the future of America. It is my intention to get people registered to vote and take an interest in protecting this country, from the local to the national level. God entrusted us with this country to be the launching pad to spread His Gospel. We need to make sure that we deliver a FREE country to the next generation with ALL the FREEDOMS we inherited, so God’s purpose will continue for generations to come!         Parents, grandparents, families, extended families and friends ~ let us be determined not to sentences our children to live under a dictatorship and/or a false and cruel religion!!!
  • Educating parents about foreign ideologies in schools

    We are fiercely dedicated to keeping foreign ideologies that do NOT line up with our American values from being taught to our children while they are in the care of the school system. We also aim to keep parents and other adults informed of the concentrated efforts of various groups to infiltrate our Court system and to replace our laws with their extreme religious demands – which include removing the 1st Amendment!

  • Impact for Children

    Protecting children from unwarranted indoctrination in schools by atheists , socialists, communists, islamists. Advocating the passing along of the Godly principles that have guided America thus far!

    Dr. Oddy Crist