Raising American Political Awareness
By sharing family’s existence, experiences and
my ‘growing up’ years under Hitler’s deceitful and
evil dictatorship, I hope to encourage Americans
and especially American Christians to become more
involved in the future of our Country – AMERICA!
It is my intention to get the citizens politically
excited to the point of getting them registered to vote
and take an active interest in protecting this country,
from the local to the national level.
God entrusted American Christians with this new
country, to take care of it and to keep it free, so it can
continue to be the ‘launching pad’ for His Gospel –
the Good News of Jesus Christ!
American Christians need to make sure that we
deliver a FREE country to the next generation!
Parents, grandparents, great grandparents, sisters,
brothers, aunts, uncles, and friends – let us be
determined not to sentence our future generations
to live under a dictatorship and/or a false and cruel
Ortrud (Oddy) Crist, PhD. Theology
Historical Events Analyst & LecturerU