Raising American Political Awareness
By sharing family’s existence, experiences and
my ‘growing up’ years under Hitler’s deceitful and
evil dictatorship, I hope to encourage Americans
and especially American Christians to become more
involved in the future of our Country – AMERICA!
It is my intention to get the citizens politically
excited to the point of getting them registered to vote
and take an active interest in protecting this country,
from the local to the national level.
God entrusted American Christians with this new
country, to take care of it and to keep it free, so it can
continue to be the ‘launching pad’ for His Gospel –
the Good News of Jesus Christ!
American Christians need to make sure that we
deliver a FREE country to the next generation!
Parents, grandparents, great grandparents, sisters,
brothers, aunts, uncles, and friends – let us be
determined not to sentence our future generations
to live under a dictatorship and/or a false and cruel
Ortrud (Oddy) Crist, PhD. Theology
Historical Events Analyst & LecturerU

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Are you aware that there are 250,000 Christians in North Carolina, alone, who are not prepared to participate in the N.C./American election process???

Why??? You might ask!!!

They have NOT bothered to REGISTER to VOTE!!!

Also did you know that only 34% of Christian women vote?  That means 66% do not bother to vote AT ALL????

THAT leaves me astonished!!!  THAT is very upsetting to me!!!

Do they not realize, that they are abdicating/throwing away their duty to deliver a free country for their children and grandchildren to enjoy???  Do they not realize that they are leaving the door open for the enemy(s) to come in and take over and maybe harm their children or make them government puppets???  Schools all over America are being infiltrated by secular humanism and Islamic teaching – RIGHT NOW!


Why??? You may ask am I so passionate about this situation????

Because I am ‘in Love’ with America, its Constitution, its ideologies and its freedoms!!!

Because as a Christian I see/use my vote to keep this country free, as a responsibility to God, to defend and protect His launching pad for the Gospel to be proclaimed throughout the world!!!

I have spoken out/for/on/against American voter complacency and apathy for over 50 years!

Why???  You may ask!!!

Because I left a war torn country, that had just recently been liberated by the Allied Forces from Hitler dictatorship and all its horrors!  Having been liberated from all the evil rules, impositions and limitations on the German population, the Nation could start rebuilding.

Soon after arriving here in America, I started to ‘see the handwriting on the wall’ (so to speak), because the voter participation was so horrendously low.  Lack of action on the voter’s part leaves a vacuum of accountability and eventually opens the door for some opportunistic person(s) to take away their freedoms!  It usually does not happen over night, but Socialism creeps in slowly none the less.


The American idealism of a FREE country/citizenry and socialism – DO NOT MIX AT ALL, PERIOD!!!!!  And neither do Christian values and the spreading of the Gospel mix with a socialist agenda!

As for me, I do not want to explain to my grandchildren and great grandchildren, why we deserted the GOD Who has been so good to America!  And why they have to live with such loss of freedom, lack, and oppression, when previous generations lived and took for granted and even abused the luxuries they were blessed with.

Eventually history books will be written and this generation will be criticized and/or held accountable for its inactions and failures!  My recommendation to ALL who call themselves Christians:  Do NOT let these accusations land at your feet or on you head!

GET REGISTERD TO VOTE!  It may be too late to vote in the next election, but while it is on your mind get registered anyway – so you won’t have to worry about it later.  If you are registered to vote – don’t forget to do so on election day!  Then vote in accordance with what pleases GOD!  Who hates child sacrifice (abortion) and same sex marriage!!!!

Ortrud (Oddy) Crist, PhD., M.A. Pastoral Counseling


Love Tree Ministries

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Get Your Hands Out of Our Pockets


Two Cows

THAT’S the way it works folks!!!! Let’s keep the last option going here in America! The people that build herds are also know to be more generous in helping their churches AND neighbors WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE!!!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THESE SHENANIGANS – OBAMA TAKE YOUR CREW (WHO BY THE WAY HAVE USED THE LAST OPTION LISTED TO LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS) and GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF OUR POCKETS!!!!

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What are our children being taught?


I’m wondering if you have heard about the “Splash” program being introduced in your child’s elementary school (or will be shortly)??? You can probably go online and get more details than I can give you here (if not contact me). It is being pitched to schools by some eager school administrator hoping to make a name for themselves and it is supposed to be voluntary and free! In short: the programs promotes teaching your (very) little ones 1/2 day in English and then switch to teaching the other time that they are at school in either Spanish or Chinese!!!! On this coming Monday the Cabarrus County, NC will (more than likely) vote for putting the program into schools!!!From personal and professional experience IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! It is just another way to dumb American children down!!!!
YEARS ago Duke University had to introduce basic english classes for the students who wanted to major in Journalism – because they arrived not knowing grammar or usage of the English language!!!! American children cannot carry on a conversation in their mother language, why rob and distract them by burdening them down with some that is useless to them???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARENTS INVESTIGATE YOUR SCHOOLS AND THEIR CURRICULUM, EVEN THE TEACHERS AND THEIR AGENDAS – MANY ARE WOLVES IN TEACHER’S CLOTHES AND DO NOT SHARE YOUR VALUES!

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The Election Process Simplified!!

flag and eagle

The voters in the 50 States of America have been made to believe that the election process is difficult and cumbersome ~ NOT SO!!!!

Well, one could agree, if one listened to the rhetoric of the countless news media sources, that it is incumbent to the average voter that they need to become followers of their ‘clarifications’ of the candidate’s position on various topics. One could even be persuaded that each party’s wordiness of their respective platforms is confusing at best, if not contradictory to their own statements, adds to the perception that the voting process is frustrating!

BUT….., in actuality there is only ONE platform of any consequence and importance, and it just happens to be – GOD’s platform!

God says in His Word, the Bible: You are either ‘for’ Me or ‘against’ Me! PERIOD!

So, it is actually very simple and easy to participate in the election process and making the decision as to who to vote for, from the President, the Senators and Congressmen to the local Candidates!

Check out their voting record along with their election promises and declarations and see how they line-up with God’s laws and your convictions!

In this election for instance, check out their stand on child sacrifice (abortion) and same sex marriages. God forbids BOTH! If he or she has respect for God and His laws then the candidate is worthy of your vote! Yes, other problems exist in our country that are in dire need of finding fast and acceptable solutions, but if we have a God fearing President, God will give him the wisdom to solve them.

If ALL the voters who claim to be Christians, would vote in a way that honors God, we are assured by God Himself that we will live in a ‘peaceful land’. It is up to each voter to encourage other Americans, especially American Christians, to participate in the voting process in order to keep the ‘launching pad’ for the Gospel – America – protected by the 1st Amendment!



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