We are adamantly committed to the preaching, teaching and promoting that God, Jehovah, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are alive and relevant forever (Heb. 13:8)! GOD is NOT dead as some have claimed and/or questioned HIS existence! His Son Jesus Christ came explicitly to earth to pay for our redemption from our SIN debt, that we could not pay. Our SIN debt/nature was so GREAT, that only the Blood of the SON of GOD, shed on a wooden Cross could satisfy the charges leveled against humanity. ALL (on earth) are invited to take advantage of this act of forgiveness, although sadly millions will refuse! We will endeavor to pass the knowledge of GOD and HIS LOVE on to each following generation – until Jesus Christ returns!


Dr. Oddy Crist, Founder of Love Tree Ministries, Kannapolis, NCĀ  28082