Dr. Oddy Crist

Dr. Oddy Crist

Ortrud (Oddy) Crist, PhD., MA Pastoral Counseling

When Dr. Crist arrived in America, she left behind a war torn, bombed out and horrified Germany. The cities still bore the evidence of World War II, which had raged on for so many terrifying years. The Allied Forces through their relentless bombing of cities, railroad bridges, even homes and the ensuing fires – brought Hitler’s horrendous and disastrous regime to an end.

Poverty, hunger, displaced people by the millions fleeing from the Eastern Europeans countries ahead of the advancing cruel Russian Army made the reality of war even worse. By government orders, German residents were forced to rent rooms in their homes to strangers and share kitchens and bathrooms with them also. All commodities necessary for life (food, gasoline and other items) could only with rationing stamps (the size of Green Stamps).

Since no Peace treaty was signed to end the war, Germany existed under a ‘Truce’, being divided into four regions ruled by the different Axis Powers. Dr. Crist’s family lived in the English occupied northern region of Germany. The English Commander found her grandparent’s farm with its land & many buildings very suitable for the English Headquarters, so for many years they laid claim to it.

Having been bold enough to be part of an underground resistance movement to stow away and feed Jews from the Gestapo (Hitler’s Secret Police) during the 1930’s and 1940’s, they petitioned the then governing powers to have their names cleared of being Nazi’s. After much paperwork and long waiting periods they were eventually successful.

When the time came for her parents to give consent for her to marry an American @ 18 years of age, they agreed to let her move 6,000 miles away from her family to a strange country – America (to Calif.)- a land they thought was ‘flowing with milk and honey and that the streets were paved with gold’. This vision was brought about by the lavish spending of American tourists. It was their hope that this journey would ensure a better, safer and more prosperous life for their daughter and worth the sacrifice to see her infrequently during the ensuing years.

After living in California for 8 years, she loaded her two children into her VW Bug and drove across America to join her officer husband @ Ft. Bragg, NC.

As Dr. Crist’s love for her new homeland grew and her patriotism for America increased, she became concerned about 2 things: First, it came to her attention that High School students in California could opt out of History classes (which looked to her like a formula for future disasters waiting to happen) and secondly she was appalled by the lack of participation, complacency and even apathy of American voters when it came to being involved in the political and election processes.

Over the years, her concern for the downward slide of America and her citizens, have brought ridicule, strong opposition, unbelief, bullying and even accusations of being a communist. Undeterred by such negative responses, Dr. Crist has followed her parents and grandparents example for standing up for her convictions, making a difference when obstacles arise and encouraging others to investigate, become involved, and making a difference themselves in preserving America, a country God chose to establish as a ‘launching pad’ to spread His Gospel to all the peoples in all the countries on this globe!

Degrees earned

PhD. Theology

M.A. Pastoral Counseling

N.C. State University

Criminology, World War II History, Psychology, Child Psychology , American History, American Literature

East Coast Bible College

Christian Education, Biblical Studies

Lee University (Charlotte Campus)

Old & New Testament Studies, Christian Ministry

Life Christian University (Concord Campus)

Biblical Studies

Biblical Counseling

M.A. Pastoral Counseling

PhD. Theology

Love Tree Ministries

P.O. Box 810

Kannapolis, NC 28082-0810